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Basemed has successfully participated in the exhibition of Arab 2014 in (Dubai)[2014-02-13]
Basemed plans to attend The 26th International Medical Instruments and Equipment...[2013-12-10]
Basemed is going to participate in The 71st China International Medical Equipmen...[2013-12-09]
Basemed plans to attend Arab Health 2014 [2013-11-12]
A : A: Anesthesia machine maintenance tips
Q : Q:1. The machine must have a self-check the machine before using every time.

2. The patientssafety must be put as first consideration during anesthesia process. In case of fault, don’t be eager to solve the fault instead of taking the patient.

3. Use wet soft cloth with common water-soluble disinfectant, use dishcloth to clean the surface and panel of the anesthesia machine.

4. About anesthesia vaporizing using process, slowly rotating scale adjustment dial knob, when go up to limit position, don’t force to rotating knob any more.

5. The flow meter should avoid being shocked or vibrated, ratating flow meter knob, when the flow meter goes up to maximum or minimum position, don’t force to do it . any more.

6. Gas pipe connectors, breathing pipeline parts, etc. need to be installed correctly after infection. Do not lead to gas leakage. After finishing the installment, operations should perform a gas tightness check first. 

7. The cover pieces of inspiration and expiration valves should not be mixed up in the processes of cleaning and disinfection. Be very careful when disassembling.

8. The flow sensor should be placed in dry place after using.

A : A: What is your main product line?
Q :

Q:Zhong Ke Base International Medical Technology (Beijing) Co.,Ltd (Basemed for short), is a professonal producer of vaporizers, anesthesia machines and ventilators, which belongs to GAV MEDICAL GROUP LIMITED. Since the date of establishment, it  continously has the R&D cooperation with scientific research institutions, colleges and hospitals, it has formed three types of product lines:



Portable anesthesia machine

Anesthesia&ventilator parts machining center.